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Surgical microscope for Neurosurgery

"Ballistic trauma of the head. Both frontal lobes were destroyed. Was delivered as an unknown. From the words of his colleagues - an orphan. In the head there were fragments of "Grad" and of the the skull bones". This is the quote from facebook page of Sergei Rizhenko, head physician of Mechnikov Dnepropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital. For today this hospital is the largest and the most heavy operating platform in Ukraine. A lot of small and large sharp metal debris are demonstrated to reporters, for example fragments of shells, which neurosurgeons removed from patients wounds. Surgical microscope, without which this process can not be successful, has been outdated and moreover now is repaired. The hospital has decided to collect money for the surgical microscope of the last generation OPMI VARIO 700.

This miracle of technology has been produced by famous "Carl Zeiss", which has a history of more than a half century. Microscope OPMI VARIO 700 has no analogues in the world. Magnificent optics, the possibility to use settings considering maximum individual needs, reliability - all that will allow doctors to operate with the best result, save lives and health of patients.

Now, this technique is most needed for wounded, though in the Regional Clinic Hospital it will serve with faith and truth for all patients  for many years, increasing the chances of recovery both for our defenders, and for civilians.
The cost of the device is astronomical,  more than 150 000 euros. But  saved lives are worth the money, aren't they ? Every fragment, that was not detected in the wound, can cause complications, leading to death. In the Mechnikov Clinical  Hospital are operating doctors which are  among the best doctors  in the country.During the ATO there were accepted more than a thousand soldiers but thus there were made only 9 of amputations! Let's give them a good technique! To bring another Ukrainian hospital on a global level - means to care about our future and  future of our children.
Attention! Foundation "Pomogaem" is conducting fundraising together with Ukraine Support Fondation (ukraine-support.org)." Now  our unity and efficiency is very important. Help as soon as possible to raise money for the surgical microscope, to save the life and health of the wounded and injured patients!


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