Let me introduce myself

I am mother of the most charming and attractive man in the prime of life! He is my son and his name is Bogdan, he is 7 years old. He's very open, kind, cheerful boy who loves to play, run, jump and misbehave, however, like all boys of his age. Unfortunately it was not always. Bodya was born deprived of health, and the first 2 years of his life he had to endure untold suffering and horror - hospitals, surgery procedures, treatment, and so the circle.

For me, young mother, it was very scary and painful to look at how difficult and pain my baby was fighting for his life. If only I could take all his pain to myself! I was looking at doctors, doing everything possible to help my son and I was praying for a miracle. As time passed, the days passed into weeks, weeks into months of specific regime ... Life of mother of a sick child is very different from the usual one and it is very exhausting. Bodya began to flinch at every sound, almost all the time whining or crying, was constantly in my arms. Each procedure, drip or injection with a terrible tantrum passed several times a day. With great difficulty I managed to feed him... I myself was already at the limit - roared into the pillow or walked like zombies. When you are sick it is hard, but when your child is sick it is a thousand times harder!

We were sent for examination to Russia. As always there was the hospital, the doctors, the nerves, crying, fear. And suddenly there came to our ward ... clowns. To say that I was surprised - to say nothing. I do not quite understand what they were doing and thought it was some kind of advertising or promotion. It appears that they were hospital clowns, coming to help the kiddies. Clown Kostya came to meet my son. Bodya with fear and distrust looked at him, ready to cry ... That's was our first "acquaintance".

The next time, when the clown Kostya came to us again, Bogdan has not whined, but just watched as a clown blows soap bubbles. With each new arrival of the clowns, Bodka was more relaxed, and soon I was surprised to see a huge smile on his face! For the first 6 months! It was the biggest reward for clowns and happiness for me. With clowns my kid became more willing to eat and faster "recovered" after the procedure.

When we were discharged, on the eve came clowns. And my son laughed! I sat and cried, leaping laughter listening to my Bodka... I felt so easily, I suddenly again believed that we could do everything. I've got the strength to fight on. Before leaving I hugged clown and heartily thanked! Kostya gave me faith in a better, he gave me my son's laughter and strength to fight the disease. We witj Boda had been fighting for one and a half years more and we have won! I with great gratitude and respect remember all the doctors and nurses who treated Bogdan. Low bow to them and let they live for many years! And with them, I sincerely thank the Moscow hospital clowns and in particular Kostya Sedov. In the struggle for life both physics and psyche are equally important. Clowns helped me to cope with depression and gain strength. A Bodya was pulled out of pain, fear and learnt to laugh!

Doctors treat the body, and clowns - the child's soul!

Let me introduce myself 

Let me introduce myself  Let me introduce myself 
Let me introduce myself  Let me introduce myself   Let me introduce myself
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P.S. All this time I followed the activities of hospital clowns and if I could helped - - I helped. I truly admire their work! And this year, I learned that there is a school of hospital clowns in Dnepropetrovsk and I dared to try myself... Now I am the doctor clown Zhuzha!

P.P.S. Currently, the project is developing intensively, more and more people want to study in our school, learn the art of hospital clowning. But it is very difficult to bring a smile without all favorite clowns’ details. There is nothing to speak about teaching, development and achieving the desired result in the improvement of children's health. Clown without "nose”, ball and bright costumes is not a clown! But this problem can be solved by sending possible, may be even "funny" amount to our bank account with note "Doctor Clown".


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