Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.

How do these strange metamorphosis happen? When fighting for the highest goals, people take guns. And the conflict becomes armed conflict. Military journalist Arkady Babchenko writes that in war the ideas for which, in fact, people came to fight, go by the wayside, and starts acting the principle: "If not we, then they." Someone give a command, someone presses the sear, the projectile flies to the house, and shell splinter into living person. High ideas, fight routine for those who participate in it, - and, finally, these very real people, wounded, frightened to death, forced to flee from their homes - it's all some different realities.

We are now in the last inhabited. Constantly communicating with the settlers, helping them settle and integrate into civilian life. It's not easy. But gradually turns.

People are arranging in a new place and come to life. They ask newspaper advertising and study pages with employment. For outgoing calls about vacancies we really need phones with unlimited offers or cards from different operators.

Settlers like their new place. They are happy to be able to sleep peacefully in their beds, despite the fact that they live in the classrooms with several families. Someone spent some nights at the station awaiting the possibility to leave. And most of them just could not sleep in their homes because of shooting and explosions.

At the Center for a temporary accommodation for refugees with children there is adequate nutrition - school cooks have come to work on their holiday to help people. Showers and laundry are equipped, heated water boilers are heating water. There is playground for children on the banks of the Dnieper River, and our "hospital” clowns are regularly visiting them. What would we do without this tireless team? We plan to organize an open-air cinema in the evenings. Also we have already prepared and whitewashed walls of the school, we are looking for the speaker system. And while the kids are watching cartoons on TV. "This is a real paradise for us," - exact quote from one young mother.

People are confident that they will stay here for the month and then they will return home. But not all forecasts are that optimistic. Therefore we are looking for families willing to take families with children, and donors who can provide temporary shelter with empty rooms. Our request has been already responded by the man who is ready to accommodate some families in an empty house. But there is no furniture. We therefore are urgently looking for 10,000 USD for 10 folding beds with mattresses - and people will be able to move in.

Our center is temporary residence, entrepot. On June, 11 it accommodated 47 people (including 20 children).On June ,12 – 24 people ( and 10 children), on June, 13 - 30 people (8 children). On June 14 - 39 people (28 children). And it is designed just for a hundred persons. More people volosskaya small school will accommodate creaking. Therefore, housing remains as the most urgent need.

Every family, every person means their problems and questions.

Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.

Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.  Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4. 
Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.  Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.  Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4. 
Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.  Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.   Refugees Accommodation Center. Day 2,3,4.
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Men who needed psychiatric help, (even in peaceful Dnepropetrovsk he continued to escape from persecutors and look for snipers), feels much better. He is going to go to his friends in the Kiev region, the road is already paid.

There is wonderful young family with two children, the youngest is 2.5 months, in the center. Recently they decided to christen the baby, kind man brought kryzhmu and cross. 25-year-old dad wants to work, but he has expired passport. When he came to the passport office to paste a new picture, he was denied and offered to wait for the issuance of passports, "the People's Republic of Donetsk" ... Grandmother of this family stayed in the area ATO. Daughter says, that she wasn’t let to come out of the orphanage where she works. The question of who she answers , "militias. We've all tend to hold there, we are hostage for them. If everybody leave they will be bombed. "

From another family just grandfather evacuated to Dnepropetrovsk. Mom with kids of two and five years - to Kherson. Woman with children sheltered at lonely grandmother, but there is no money, no work. The woman does not know where and how to make social payments. Now she is trying to move with the children from Kherson to Kiev, hoping that there will be easier to find a job and get a benefit. We tell there is need to contact the Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, the regional center for migrants for registration, benefits, registration status of temporary migrant.

On the one hand, it is good that people finally have a roof over their heads, food, daily necessities. On the other hand everybody worries about tomorrow. We want to say to all: there are the caring people around who will help you! - Your task is not to panic, be patient and persistent in collaboration with government agencies.

Sometimes it is a little sad from words of heartfelt gratitude. Do you know why? Because many migrants did not expect such a warm welcome. They thought it would be "different". The question of how - no respond.

Ukrainian flags make them surprised: "in our region people are shoot for such things." One mother described how she was walking down the street with a child. Son was wearing a tracksuit with national symbols. Coming by stranger ordered to withdraw child costume: "If you do not take it off – I will kill you."

But even coming from such a terrible, distorted reality, moving away from the stress, people often believe that it is not for long time. Our country has not been at war for so long, so long it did not know the word "bombing" and "refugees" that people can not believe it.

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