Orphaned children of the Children`s hospital

When a baby is born its way into the hands of the parents, who carefully thought through a fulfillment the needs and when mother hears a child`s squeak she runs really fast to check her baby.

But there are kids, who are not needed by their parents. Socially disadvantaged mothers usually leave them, who follow unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes rich families deny of their children who were born with various pathologies. They really need medical treatment. Even if a newborn is healthy, a baby has to stay in the hospital until a baby is accessed to an orphanage.

The State provides tiny financial assistance to the hospitals and orphanages, that considers neither right amount of diapers nor suitable milk mixtures. Diapers saving leads to dermatitis and baby food saving leads to the allergies and stomach upset and then it is necessary to buy medicines.

To spend first days of own life without mother is not well. We have a really bad sight if we add wet diapers and a sick stomach to that. There are children who need a special baby food, for example lactose free nutrition or easy to eat nutrition. It is enough to look through the bookcases of any supermarket, where you can find baby nutrition to have an idea about the cost of it.

A lot of hospitals need baby soap and soft cloth. Some decades ago people used to do without all that things. But they help to save time and the nurses use free minutes just to hold a baby that is very important for the development of the child.

That is why The "PomogaemВ» Fund makes fundraiser to help children`s hospitals in Dnepropetrovsk relating to the project " You are not aloneВ». Please help the left children to receive full care and balanced diet!

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