Children suffering from cerebral palsy

Historically a lot of mothers with kids who had cerebral palsy have approached the fund В«PomogaemВ» from the beginning. In 2013 we sent 17 kids to the International Clinic of Rehabilitation. In 2014 and 2015 amount of the kids assisted by our organization has increased nearly twice. Nowadays we take about 6-8 statements per month from the parents who want to rehabilitate their children.


Children`s cerebral palsy is just called В«children`sВ». In fact the disease can not be taken away and must be fought to reclaim new abilities and not to lose old ones.

These kids have another achievements in their life and they have another time lines for them. For example, to take convulsions off, to cope with the contracture, to learn again how to keep a head, to sit and to crawl. It is literally a dream come true to talk again and to walk again. The opportunity to be able to support themselves and to work at home depends on our country, which is cruel to some people. That is why the parents are ready also move mountains to get results.

The most famous clinics of rehabilitations with high-quality results are The International clinic of rehabilitation with cost of ticket about 8.000 UAN and Tomatis Method centre in Kharkov where one course costs 5.000 UAN. Dolphin-assisted therapy is intended to spur development for kids with cerebral palsy (15.000 UAN).

And seemingly an amount is quite acceptable, but to get the highest result it is necessary to visit rehabilitation about 4-6 times per year. Here we told about income of the family who raises a child with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately most of the fathers are not capable to deal with material and mental load and they leave mothers with kids suffering cerebral palsy. The top-up recipients can receive up to 4.000 UAN per month from the statement. Moreover the children with cerebral palsy need additional medicine and diapers.

The mothers are not able to get such money alone. That is why we ask your help. Every 1.000 UAN is a new skill acquired from this project for the kid and a sigh of relief for the parents. Please support the kids with cerebral palsy on the way to their development !

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