Oncology drugs

Most of charges from the project suffer from leukemia or another types of cancer. Almost all these kids are treated in oncological department of the reconstructive surgery and in hematological department of the children`s clinical hospital of Dnepropetrovsk Region.

You transfer money for them and we purchase medicines and give them to the parents. That is the surest way because the assistance is reaching specifically those children. But its got also the downs.

When mother calls us and lists the necessary medicines we start a search. The supportive chemotherapy medicines are expensive and are not sold in each pharmacy. It takes at least 24 hours to find medicines, to compare prices, to order, to pay by bank transfer and to deliver to the hospital. The daily expectations of the kid whose system is so weakened by the disease and aggressive therapies, can be magnified.

That is why we want to create a certain reserve of commonly used drugs in children`s oncology. It can then be available at a bargain price, under convenient conditions and to keep it in the hospital, stocking this medical reserve. We will save time and money.

This medical reserve is essential air bag which can save more than one life.

There will be an accounting for use of drugs.

So in addition to the specific needs of sick children, we start a fundraiser for the meds. We truly hope that all of you understand how important this fundraising is and all who cares will support our kids!

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