Fotorny Denis


If the parents want to have many kids, nothing will stop them, even if its about a disease of elder son or daughter. It is such a hard thing when a little kid is born with the same disease. The first two kids are two girls in the Fotornie family. One of the girl is hard-of-hearing. They hardly raised all these money for hearing aid for Koreliya with the help of relatives and friends. But since the birth of their daughters the parents did not leave a dream about son. When Denis was born they were very happy about the situation. In three months they were completely sure that a baby was not responding to sound.

There was done a medical examination in a local hospital which confirmed that Denis was hearing-impaired. And then a war came at the city the family lived. It was hard to take a decision, but nothing can be more important than life and health. The Fotornies have moved from Lugansk to Dnepr, where Denis had one more check-up and a local audiologist diagnosed bilateral glue ear.

A doctor ordered bypass, but it did not help. The medics recommended to take Denis to The Kolomoichenko Institute of otolaryngology in Kiev. After examination there was one more disappointing diagnosis: a fourth-degree bilateral perceptive deafness.

After that Denis was put on the cochlear implant list, because it is the one thing that can compensate for hearing. But the cost of the operation and cochlear implant is 803.864 UAN. We can not rely on the support from the Government. It is necessary to get Denis`s hearing back as soon as possible, because at a young age the brain gets a huge part of information about the world.

People who cares have already assisted Denis to get new hearing ads, which Denis had to use before operation. Let us give our support to the kid. 803.864 is too much for one family, but if everyone throws 50 UAN in the collection box, the needed sum of money will assemble easily. Please help the boy to perceive the world.

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