Melaeva Elvira


The immigrants are having a tough time in a new place. It does not take one year nor 2 years to get settled in a new place, looking up new job, getting used to the city, adapting to everyday lives. And what if there are people with disabilities among the immigrants ? And what if there some children with disabilities among them ?

Elvira Melaeva was born healthy girl. She was chronically ill with cold-related illness in her early years, she was prescribed antibiotics all the time in hospitals. As she grew up, she was in remission. But one day, the doctors figured out the girl can not hear. The examination confirmed diagnosis of bilateral fourth-degree sensorial hearing loss.

The father left his family, giving up his В«specialВ» child, grandparents died. Mother Marina raised a girl alone as she could on a small salary of lunch lady. They were scraping by but they got through it.

And then, it was time for their next challenge. Marina and her girl lived in Lugantsk. When Elvira was 13 years old, the war broke out and made the people go away from their homes. In this way a little family ended up in Dnepr.

Elvira`s mother put a girl into school for the deaf. She tried to get a job matching her qualification but it has been a failure. Marina had to applied for a job as a cleaning lady at the same school for the deaf to be closer her daughter.

Elvira is 15 years old. She is active girl, she is keen on embroidery, she enjoys dancing, she studies karate and sign singing. But Elvira can not hear without a hearing aid. There is only one hearing aid Siemens which is suitable for her. The price of two devices to both ears is 62.100 UAN. It is an impossible amount for Elvira`s family and not too much for us, isn`t it ? Let us help Elvira!

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