Utkina Katya

Katya`s family live in Krivoi Rog. Katya was the long-awaited child. A pregnancy proceeded without complications. But in the morning mother had to be given an emergency caesarean section.

From the first minutes Katya had to fight for her life, a little girl has been through resuscitation, respirator, feeding tube, drips and numerous injections. Every day of her life was a victory.

The baby was out of the hospital with a bunch of diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic hemiplegia, hydrocephalus, partial optic atrophy.

Thank goodness the risk of Katya`s life is behind her. Katya is 4 years old, her parents always taking care of Katya and take her into the rehabilitation to Dnepr and Odessa, Truskavets and Khmelnitsk.

 This cutie can sit on the side of the bed, she can stand herself a few minutes and eat with her left hand on her own.

 Nothing has touched Katya`s intelligence, she can form sentences but she can not spell some sounds. The girl is fond of the cartoons about Peppa Pig and she also likes to play with dolls.

Katya`s back and the hip joints should be strengthened so she can walk by herself. The girl can get a right rehabilitation in the Apis mellifica Academy in Khmelnitskiy. It is almost impossible for Katya`s family to find 7.000 UAN for regular recover course. But with your help and assistance it could be more possible. Lets help our girl!



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