Research and Information Report for September, 2013


In September seven critically ill children were provided with aid to the amount of UAH 17,808.20 within "I Want to Live” project. Three hospitals were provided with equipment, medications and treatment related supplies to the amount of UAH 35,070.42. The children who are temporarily in hospital were provided with aid to the amount of UAH 9074.69. The institution for CCP children was provided with furniture to the amount of UAH 13,284.28.


17 laughing therapy classes were held in two city hospitals within the "Clown Doctor” project.


"Mediapassport” continued its work in Zaporizhzhia. 221 children’s profiles were placed on the website, 48 of them were from Zzaporizhzhia oblast (region).


The "Parents’ Club” held four mutual aid group meetings. Five visits were made to the foster families and family type children’s homes within the "Cosiness” project. Five families and a boarding school leaver were provided with charity aid to the amount of UAH 51,024.59. 34 families were provided with humanitarian aid to the amount of UAH 26,445.98.


Within the "Travellers’ Club” project a pilgrimage was made to Lebedyn St Nickolas convent in Cherkassy oblast on September 17, 2013. the critically ill children and their parents took part in the pilgrimage.


12 art therapy classes were held in Dnepropetrovsk children clinical hospital by the "Give Joy to a Child” project volunteers.


The volunteers assisted in developing and implementing the organization’s projects. As a result in September the volunteers worked for 101 hours.


As a whole, there were 49 publications on the website during the month.

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