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Valeriya Lisnichenko

Valeriya Lisnichenko was born in one shiny and warm summer day, on august' 27 of 2009, she was strong and healthy baby.

There were no signs of trouble, only the joy of baby's new discoveries and achievements. But when Valeriya was 1,5 years old, her parents noticed developmental delays, in compare with other children of her age. In 2011 she was diagnosed a heart desease, it caused develpmental delays.

In 2012 Valeriya was operated in Heart Center of Dnipropetrovsk, but it solved the problem only partly as psychomotor development has deteriorated at that moment. When she was 3 Valeriya could hardly speak and lost psychomotor function of her arms, gait became unstable and shaky, she was constantelly falling down. After numerous tests and a variety of alleged diagnoses in 2013 passed a two-week survey of baby in the department of neurology and child psychiatry Hospital of Pavlov in Kiev. Valeriya got a preliminary diagnosis Rett syndrome. In order to confirm the diagnosis, girl was made very expensive analysis, it was necessary to wait half a year to get a result, and unfortunatelly diagnosis was confirmed. Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by disorders in the female gene X chromosome, the probability of its occurrence is 1:15000. Probability theory can be so cruel for the little girl..

This disease is very severe, requiring constant medical intervention and rehabilitation therapy. Shortage of therapy can cause the lack of a specific protein that is due to a mutation of the gene is not produced, each day will bring detrimental effect on motor function and intelligence of the child. As a consiquence the child will no longer walk and move, and she will lose the ability to learn, to understand and to interpret the information.

A girl attends a special kindergarten for children with special needs, is engaged with psychologists and Speech therapist, are now mandatory massages and exercises.

Medications, vitamins, amino acids give undoubtedly first results, child has positive changes; she began to walk more confidently and smoothly, has learned how to take and hold things in her hands,walk upstairs with mother's help, and to say some words and a lot of sounds.

But even with all the variety of carefully selected "home" program, nothing can consolidate ahieved results as a therapy in a rehabilitation center.

Currently Valeriya needs therapy "Center of brain stimulation" in Kiev This center is uniquebecause treatment is carried out in 2 directions. It gives effect in the brain, using hardware effects, as well as the muscles and motor functions, with help of massage and physical therapy.

Therapy is planned on 1of march, 2015. It's price is 24 490 grivnas. This amount is huge for the family.

Let's help Valeriya together together, despite the illness to feel the fullness and joy of life and to collect the money for the rehabilitation.

You can help by transferring funds to our account with a note "For Lisnichenko Valerya."

Name: Lisnichenko Valeriya Olekseevna

Date of birth: 27.08.2009

Diagnosis: Rett syndrome

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